Oliver Products   ACQUIRED 2012

Oliver Products, the parent company of Oliver Healthcare Packaging and Oliver Packaging and Equipment, is a leading manufacturer of sterile-grade medical device and pharmaceutical packaging as well as innovative equipment and for targeted segments of the foodservice market.

Oliver Healthcare Packaging is a leading supplier of sterile grade die cut lid, rollstock and pouch products for medical device and pharmaceutical applications for customers around the world. Oliver's manufacturing expertise includes industry leading hot melt and water based adhesive formulating and coating, zone coating, flexographic, offset and gravure printing with water or solvent based inks, rotary and sheet fed die-cutting, pouching, and sterile-grade material development with unsurpassed quality and expert technical support.

Oliver Packaging & Equipment is a leading supplier of food systems and bakery equipment. Oliver offers heat seal equipment, trays, and film lidding to agencies providing home delivered meals through Meals on Wheels programs in the US and Canada. In addition, Oliver has a long history in equipment manufacturing for retail grocery stores, retail bakeries and restaurants.

Oliver Products is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI with healthcare packaging manufacturing operations in Grand Rapids, MI, Feasterville, PA, New Britain, PA, Hamilton OH, and Venray, The Netherlands, and sales offices throughout the U.S., Europe, and in Suzhou, China. Oliver Packaging and Equipment is headquartered in Walker, MI.